Sunday, September 30, 2012

Reflections: Free the soul and be happy

Sometimes life can hand you a deck of cards and it can be very difficult. I wanted to write a blog that can inspire and motivate all my readers to do more positive things in life. 

4 Steps to Freedom:
1. Understand you are important. You can not love anyone without loving yourself.
2. Believe in all that you do. If you can not believe in you then how can others see your potential.
3. The choices you make today can reflect what you will be doing later. Be strong and very detailed to what you wish to accomplish .
4. Never give up. If at first you do not succeed try something else- (Larry Reynolds 2012)
That means even in failure you can succeed. Change the flow of things in order to achieve your goals .

I hope this motivates all my readers to believe more and I hope for my readers who love this blog to write to me and possibly ask for advice on fashion or life.

Toodles for now,
Anaiyah Sunshine
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