Friday, September 21, 2012

Extensions Gone Wrong: Extensions catastrophe

We see the beautiful flowing hair and the curls and we are amazed by the transformations. One major mistake most do with getting services we do not check how experienced the individual truly is .
We have to check on how the services are rendered, the type of products used, how many years have they been licensed , how long does the beautician takes per client to do a particular style or cut.
All these things must be considered . This is your hair. Not someone elses .

Here are some of the horror pictures I decided to put in this blog so my readers can understand never do this again.


Hair Glue Troubles
If you are going to do adhesive for your hair I would recommend a professional beautician who is experienced and has mastered this craft. Removal of this must be done by a professional . One thing I do not suggest you take the glue off your hair dry. If you are going to remove this from your hair Creame of Nature Conditioner and wet hair with a patient hand and a nice comb can take this out carefully. When combing this out you must start from tip to root not root to tip. When you tug on the root it will pull and because of the stress on the hair it will break off.
Once you have mastered the conditioning removal which you can also use Silk Elements Conditioner as well please make sure you wash the hair more than once plus recondition the hair and use the comb technique from tip to root and rinse with cold water. Lastly deep condition the hair for 15 -20 mins rinse with cold water and style as recommended. The best bet for those who do not know please seek a professional.

Demand the best for your hair . Don't allow anything else .
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