Thursday, September 30, 2010

NAILMANIA!! Acrylics just got more dramatic

I love designs and I totally love going to nail art shows just to see the hottest new styles that are appearing in our local nailshops every day. Here are a few of the fiercest nails styles that I totally love just for a photoshoot or music video that definately got my attention

Rosey pink lemonade anyone? This style is too cute. I simply love it.

This one I found it quite cool too. A nail design that incorporates all our childhood favorite candies.
Too cute.

Something a little toned down but awesome nail design? This one is a very cute style to have long or short.

Bling out the competition with this fancy nail design and be envied.

Nails with an edge. I totally see this on a shoot. Dark  possibly vampire inspired. Wow amazing

Be the cat's meow in this nail design and you can rock this short or long.

My personal favorite. Bubbles and Spice . I love this because it's simple yet complexed.

Stay Tuned to a Nail Salon near you.

Toodles for Now,
Anaiyah Sunshine*
Director of Fashion
The Miami Style Magazine

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