Friday, September 17, 2010

Jewels, Glamour, Glitz, and Galore.. Triian Jewelry

One of my Fall Fashion craves is the luxurious and so elegant Triian Jewelry line. I am so facinated with this line because of the color , creativity, and overall presentation.
This Miami based line in my opinion is amazing!

What you should know about Triian Jewelry :
The beginning and reason to the creation of Triian Jewelry

In a world of things that are mass-produced, there is a quest for things that
are unique.
With  a combination of new & reclaimed materials, we are able to give a  new
life to beautiful, cracked & chipped acrylic lamps, napkin rings & candle
holders that would otherwise be discarded.
In  doing this, we are creating a new breed of pseudo gemstones. By  fashioning
these extremely durable & lightweight "Modern Era Gems""  from a combination of
reclaimed materials, we avoid some of the  limitations of natural stone, along
with the environmental and  humanitarian pitfalls of the mineral mining
The Owners :
The fearsome duo Trisha Brookbank and Brain Burkhardt are the owners of this wonderful line.
Their creativity and risk taking in the presentation of Triian is true art at it's best.

I love their work and I pray for more success in their careers. Here are some more beautiful product shots of this wonderful line.

Want to shop at Triian? Go here ...

                                                            Toodles for now,
                                                             Anaiyah Sunshine
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