Thursday, September 16, 2010

Le Premier Eyewear: The Evolution

(The awesome Duo -Owners of Le Premier along side model above)
Hitting clubs scenes, photoshoots, and upcoming artists there is a new fad on the way. It's Le Premier Eye Wear ! The company is owned by two men who's passion for glasses has put them on the map! Le Premier eyewear cators to both men and women.

Looking to be the talk of your event , party , shoot , or even your first music video well you need to see Le Premier eyewear. These jeweled out shades will make you a hit practically anywhere.

Here are a few shots of their latest photoshoot showcasing the hot styles by Le Premier.

(Even I the director to The Miami Style Magazine was selected to model this hot line)
Shown above

Stay Stuned to a Fashion Studded event near you.

Le Premier Eyewear

Toodles for Now,
Anaiyah Sunshine- Director of Fashion
The Miami Style Magazine

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