Friday, September 17, 2010

Couture isnt just for us humans anymore:

That's right ladies and gents there is a new passion for fashion in the latest handbags and even on your favorite pets. M L Dog Couture is popping up on every corner and is also another director's favorite to The Miami Style Magzine.

My favorites to this amazing line is the clutch bags to be honest. I find them to be very wholesome and cute.

Information about M.L. Dog Couture

ML Dog Couture is one of the branches of ML by Marietta Losada, and includes clothing and accessories for people and accessories for dogs. All accessories and most clothing are one of a kind pieces, and inspired by animals and art. The ML Dog Couture was born in Los Angeles, California, but is now is currently based out of Oslo, Norway. Stores including The Majestical Roof, Muse on Sunset and Agapi Girl in Los Angeles  are where the line started, and also continued to 5 Paw in Miami.

ML Dog Couture produced Oslo Goes Hollywoof! Fashion Charity Show in 2009, and donated pieces to the auction to benefit Lions Club & Norges Blindeforbund. The line was also featured in Hundelivmessen 2009 in a special ML fashion show. ML has also donated and was involved in the Bow Wow Wow Howlywood Celebrity Fundraiser in Los Angeles for Much Love Animal Rescue.

Many pieces are sold as is, and are unique, but requests for similar pieces can be accomodated. ML also creates pieces made specifically for a certain pet or person.
This eccentric fashionista is also the stylist for the pooch! Even your favorite little or big best friend can walk the streets in style in her fashionable collars and wardrobe.

She also designs couture dresses as well . You can mix and match with a customed hangbag, dress and then something chic for your dog to be the talk of Miami Beach!

Here are some of her dresses below

What a scene! I love it. Another smashing hit and a director's favorite from The Miami Style Magazine.

More about this awesome designer
Words from Marietta herself:
I am an artist, have been my whole life and have combined my art with fashion. I paint on purses and also make dog collars by hand. I am heavily influenced by dogs, but take a different approach then most. I dont just do cute, I make pieces with attitude, but style. Every piece is also a work of art, but something you can actually take with you and wear. I am 25, born and raised in Miami. I lived 4 years in Los Angeles where my line was born and developed, and now live back and forth between Norway and Miami. I have done many events and my line is sold in several stores internationally.

My favorite pieces are my doberman clutches and they are also a favorite of most.
First shot with couture white dress
Photography by:
Meinie Smith

with Model
Claudia Roman
Second shot 
Photography by 
Johnny Villaronga
with model
Aerin Fenn
Toodles for Now,
Anaiyah Sunshine*
Director of Fashion-
The Miami Style Magazine

Love M.L. Dog Couture?

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