Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Passion for Fashion : November Cover 2009

Welcome to the official blog for The Miami Style Magzine where we feel that fashion is a must. In this blog, you will find the must haves of Miami Florida for the season, fashion shows, makeup and so much more.

All shoots from The Miami Style Magazine are directed by Anaiyah Sunshine. Anaiyah has been in the modeling industry for over 10 years. She is known for her eccentric style and attitude and still models today. She is the core and heart of  The Miami Style Magazine.  Anaiyah became the director for this magazine in November 2009 and has taken it to new heights. It was a difficult task but she manages to pull it off gracefully.

The two photographs above were taken under her direction back in November 2009. The model was 18 year old Argentinian model Megan De Vita. Make up was done by no other the make up guru Jay Fierce and Hair was done by Pablo Villavencio. Photography was taken by Meg Pukel.

Anaiyah wanted to changed the form of the magzine to cator to a wider audience that appreciates high fashion. The featured designer for this online publication is no other than Julio De Leon. His line is breathtaking and you can not deny him for what he does in his work for he is a genius at his craft.

Julio De Leon has over 15 years in fashion design. Time and time again The Miami Style Magazine makes it their duty to showcase this amazing artist.

The present photographer and Director of Photographer is Leon C. Prime. Leon who is often noted as a risque photographer has a wider range than most think. He has shot for Miami Fashion Week 2010 and various events in the Miami , and also has shot for Harley Davidson Calendar 2011.

Welcome to the legacy of The Miami Style Magazine. What is your style? It's the Miami Style.

Toodles for now ,

Anaiyah Sunshine - Director of Fashion
The Miami Style Magazine

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