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Hair, skin and Nails Fiasco ... What can a Girl or Guy do?

Words from the Director herself shown above: Photography by Felix Miniziokoff
MUA & Hair: Anaiyah Sunshine

Most people often wonder how can you have great skin or a nice coiff . The thing is the way to great skin  and beautiful hair is having good habits. You can not expect your skin to be perfect after eating fried pork, sauted buttered onions, macaroni and a diet coke. That's absurd that is telling your skin one thing ; " Hey time for damage." Nor can you rely on cheap hair care products or quick hair fixes for your hair to be healthy and full of volume.

Sometimes we won't have the time or ability to eat all the fruits and vegetables we need inorder to have radiant skin and hair so that's why vitamins are the key to flawless skin. Supplements that have multiple vitamins help a whole bunch .

Here are some questions some of my readers asked me to answer for them

From :Maria L. ( Miami Florida age 18)
I have really really dry hair and I've used practically every shining product just to give my hair a beautiful gloss and I end up everytime with a greasy mess . What are some suggestions you think I should do?

Answer: Well Maria I personally know what you are talking about. As a child I've used pink lotions to hair grease to shiners you name it but there are 2  sure effective natural treatments that most dont even use and they have it at home .
1. Olive Oil!! My all time favorite ! Do you know how effective Olive Oil is for your hair? You dont even have to use much if you use a dab or two, then do hair manipulation ( which is a wide brush used for hair wraps and brush your maine atleast 80 strokes you will see the natural oils along with the olive oil will not only grow your hair but it will appear shiner too.

2. A vitamin capsule of vitamin E. After every wash use atleast one no more than 2 unless you have really thick hair and put it on your maine. Rollerset your hair along with Lottibody Hair lotion until fully dry and possibly blowdry and flat iron style and you will see a big difference. After a month or two your hair will appear healthier and stronger.

Most importantly effective hair products that cators to your hair folicles like PAUL MITCHELL are highly recommended. It's your hair dont be cheap and treat your hair with the respect that it deserves.

John J. ( Brooklyn Nyc) age 25
I am tired of going through so many acnee prevention products what do you recommend for me? And how do I get rid of razor bumps when I get a tape from the barbershop?

I do see alot of products on the shelf that cator to acnee products  John and it's a shame we have so many that are ineffective. The key is to know what is your skin type. Your skin type is the basic answer to your acnee blues.
Oily skin : I love using Queen helene products because they have mint julep products that really work your pours to have clear healthy skin
Make sure you get a professional opinion from your dermatologist to know your skin type. I recommend a vitamins E, AND Cod Liver or Fish oil.Believe it or not it really helps you . If your pores are clogged in the inside it will show on the outside. Make it an effort to drink pleanty of water and allow some fruits and veggies in your meals.

Now in reference to your razor bumps after a tape , it could be a possibility that the razor the barber is using can be not so sanitary. Make sure you inspect where you go when you get a hair cut. Also there are pleanty of quality male care products who cator to that issue but if you're trying to prevent any scars after the bumps shea butter( the real one) or coco butter( the stick) if applied correctly can save you from alot of tape nitemares.

Darlene G. ( Atlanta, Georgia) age 23
I love my nails and I always get my nails done at my local nair care salon but I haven't seen any improvement in my nail bed or just my nails period.
Well Darlene it seems you might need to go to another shop. First off ladies and gents you should come to a salon that caters to your needs. Don't go to a place just to go and receive horrible treatment. That takes away from the point of you even trying to be there in the first place.
Another thing it's not a bad thing if you need to shop around. I know some salons give you the press to get your nails done but if you don't like the service dont get it done.
A good lemon soke is in order. Another good thing to do is to go to your local GNC and find the vitamins for Hair Skin Body and Nails . These vitamins were construted to specifically cator to all above mentioned.

Well ladies and gents I hope this helps.

Toodles for now,
Anaiyah Sunshine
Director of Fashion
The Miami Style Magazine

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