Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spring Time : Romance 2010

The Second cover to The Miami Style Magazine was shared with the beautiful Clarke Twins. These twins are practically everywhere. The director chose these two beautiful women because she felt they would be a great asset to the magazine.  The theme was constructed by Alexander D. Balbuena ; Anaiyah's assistant. They both decided to put the beautiful twins in a romantic setting showcasing the Spring designs of Julio De Leon Couture.

Make up was done by the director Anaiyah Sunshine. Photography was done by the present Director of Photography Leon C. Prime. He was a great help to the magazine and after this shoot he was then hired to become the Director of Photography.

Julio De Leon couture wanted to showcase a line for this cover full of elegance and poise . He had outdid himself once again for this cover and we are so thankful for having him as our featured Designer. In this addition, the models Delphia and Delerice Clarke, was also featured to model the Atlanta tee shirt line Insanitees.

I am so very honored to continue to push the envelope for my magazine.

Toodles for now,
Anaiyah Sunshine- Director of Fashion
The Miami Style Magazine

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