Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Noir is Beautiful: Summer Cover 2010

The present cover until October 2010 which is the biggest Fall/ Winter Spread of the Year begins with Shana Lefluer. I wanted to show that noir (black) is beautiful. So I began searching for a nubian beauty all over the city. Seeing who can I transform to be this beauty for my cover. Ironically I was assisting a model in her shoot with Meg Pukel (the photographer for my first cover of the magazine under my direction) on South Beach.

I saw Shana in the middle of her shoot and I loved her attitude.I approached the young lady with an offer. I wanted her for the cover. She was so happy when I asked her and I'm thankful she wanted to go for it.
This shot above was in an old phone booth. The whole concept was to show the beautiful Shana trapped in this hideous phone booth . I wanted to show beauty always wins. The clothing was provided by the ever so talented Julio De Leon. Make up and hair was done by the director Anaiyah Sunshine

Photography was taken by the talented Leon C Prime.

Here are my favorite shots below

Toodles for now,
Anaiyah Sunshine- Director of Fashion
The Miami Style Magazine.

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