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Elegance at it's Best: Iryna Storozhuk

 The Miami Style Magazine would proudly present to you Iryna Storozhuk. This sensational model has been the talk of Miami and continues to be a successful model. She is strong, intelligent and graceful. Iryna truly knows the do's and dont's to the modeling industry. She is such a delight to speak to and for that very reason I had to feature her.She is not only just breaktakingly beautiful but she is a very devoted young woman who knows what it truly takes to be a fashion model .

Here are some of her accomplishments below:

Iryna Storozhuk (born 22 May 1985) is a Ukrainian model. She is of Russian descent from her mother and of Ukrainian descent from her father.
Born in Izmail, Ukraine's small navy city, she lived with her parents and older sister in unpleasant post Soviet Union conditions. Iryna’s beauty was noticed when she turned 15 after she won school’s beauty pageant. That was a start to never-ending dreams about modeling and world of fashion.
Just after moving to Odessa to study in university, Iryna enrolled in a modeling academy, where she learned ladylike behavior and etiquette. Fortunately, she also went to casting opportunities, and one day, she caught the eye of a scouting agent. He told her that a great future was in store for her; all she had to do was learn English and pursue her dreams.
Convinced by her parents that her life could not change for the better without education, Iryna left behind her passion for modeling and focused on becoming an accountant. But world of fashion did not want to let go of her. Iryna modeled for local Ukrainian designers whenever she could get away from studying. Right after getting her bachelor degree in accounting at 21, she moved to Miami to try her hand at modeling. Delighted to work, she was a dream client for the Posche Models agency and was an inspired woman for many American designers as Eva Danielle, Francisco Azucar and Carmelita Couture.
When she was 21 years old, she made headway in modeling but for some time, she was distracted however, after marrying American mortgage banker Mark Bruni. She gave birth to their son London George Bruni on July 17, 2008.
Soon, Iryna's phone was ringing off the hook. She got #8 spot in Ukrainian most beautiful women vote, and then Eva Danielle called to hire her for their big Miami Beach Fashion Week show.

After taking her 2 years old son London to the shoot at Octopustudio, London was officially the hot new face in town.
When you think model you think: glamour, glitter, superficial and vain people, anorexia. But Iryna from the start was different. She is a truly strong woman who lived through a difficult childhood in Ukraine, worked hard and had the strength to leave family and native country, move forward, work harder and become a successful model and a loving mother and wife.

Iryna Storozhuk: model, mother, wife and inspiration.
She made more than 40 runway shows and has appeared as a cover of fashion spread model on more than 19 magazines.


*National Geographic Adventure Magazine ~ tear sheet
* California 's Surf Magazine ~ tear sheet
*Urban Mainstream Magazine ~ cover, tear sheets
*New Style magazine ~ cover, tear sheets
*Revenge Fashion Magazine ~ cover
*Dimes Magazine ~ cover, tear sheet
*Daily Trends Magazine ~ tear sheet
*Fly Style Life Magazine ~ tear sheet
*Complexion Magazine ~ tear sheet
*Model Log Magazine ~ tear sheet
Nifty Magazine
~ tear sheets
*Latin Flow 302 Magazine ~ tear sheet
*Perfect Pose Magazine ~ tear sheet
*Apple .Mac ~ stock
*Revolution Fight League ~ ad campaign
*S&K collection ~ ad campaign (catalog, cover, posters)
*Aventura Limousine ~ ad campaign
*Kaos designs ~ catalog
*Espiral lingerie ~ catalog
*Brandy Pham ~ catalog
*Nuria Carrasco Design ~ catalog
*Jhats ~ party hats catalog
*The Ear Vine ~ catalog
*Urban Pueblo ~ catalog
*rockband Hate Machine ~ ad campaign
* Bessarabia bike calendar 2006 ~ calendar
*My bed by Andres Hernandez ~ book
*Wooloot watches ~ ad for Venezuela

*Eva Danielle
*Carmelita Couture
*Nazly Villamizar
*Downtown Divas
*Favala Designs
*Lingerie Parties Plus
*Brandy Pham
*Rock Bands
*Belinda's Designs Couture
*Vivian Vo
*Lebo T-shirt
“Ritchie Swimwear

*Gen Art Shop Miami
*Trafik Trade Show
*Style Wars
*LuxLife Evolution
*ICO uniforms
*Raw Wear boutique
*Factory Clothing Store
*Ritchie Swimwear

*FTV Party / Opium Gardens , Miami ~ model
*Yacht World Tv ~ model
*Sun-Sentinel / Ft.Lauderdale fashion week ~ model
*Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival ~ model
*Discount Watch store commercial ~ lead, costumer; 02 MEDIA
*IA Live ~ model, tv show by Mckinley Pierre
*CBS 4 / Trafik Trade show ~ model, CBS 4 news with Lisa Petrillo
*Sevas Wheels ~ lead, GlassWorks Productions, Inc http://www.glassworksproductions.com/videos/list/marketing/1.html
*Samsung-Italy VIP party ~ spokemodel / co-host
*BBandT bank Nikki Beach night ~ spokemodel / co-host
* Miami meets Marrakech event ~ host
*French Tuesdays ~ hostess
Other credits & experience...
*7 years of modeling
*diploma of International Scarlett model school ~ www.scarlettmodels.com
*Skills: dancing, acting, styling, Make up Artistry
*Language: Russian, Ukrainian, English

Below are my favorite photographs of this remarkable young woman

Thank you Iryna for allowing us to feature you on our magazine.

Toodles for now,
Anaiyah Sunshine*
Director of Fashion
The Miami Style Magazine

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