Friday, September 21, 2012

Flat ironing is a simple task if you do it correctly. One major mistake a lot of people make the longer you keep the iron on the hair the straighter the hair may be. That is a huge no. If you keep the iron on the hair it will burn the hair. Here are some tips I would recommend for you hair when flat iron the hair.

1. Protect the hair with a serum that works well with heat like blow drying or flat ironing.
2. Use a comb where you can part the hair in sections and have pins to separate the hair.
3. Once the hair is separated use a comb to comb through the hair and flat iron the hair from root to tip.
4.once the hair is finally ironed lightly put your shining serum I love to use Mizani shine serum or Biosilk.
5. Enjoy your hair.

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