Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Perfect Wedding Planner: WeddiGo Wedding Planner

How would you like the ideal wedding planner right under your fingertips. Well you are in luck there is an awesome application you can have on your android, ipone, or even ipad that can take away the wedding planing blues .It is a neat way to pin point all the major things you need to plan the perfect wedding.

Look how simple organizing the guest list can be without having an argument or forgetting a name.
No more figuring out who sits on what table on WeddiGo application you can
figure it out in no time.
Iron out all your finances on this easy application. Sometimes we can go beyond the budget WeddiGo
gives the user the ability to see what your grand total will be, estimated cost can be and what your current cost shall be.
What I absolute love about this application is the checklist. If you are not an organized person this application allows you to become organized.
Another great feature is the food and drinks section and no more last minute what was the first
and last course .
Make your own music list for your ideal wedding without trying to figure out
your favorite songs.

Organize your personal calendar with ease
Whats so cool about this application you can print your entire wedding plans and email it
for safe keeping.
More about the history of WeddiGo:
This application was created by two soul mates who fell in love and
by mistake a lost note pad became the most inspirational application that
can help millions of couples plan their dream wedding.
you can easily find this great application right here
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