Friday, September 21, 2012

More Bang for your Buck

Ok it's grocery shopping time and I guess everyone has a method of shopping but are you shopping efficiently. Now do not be offended but most I know for sure you are not. I am going to give you some pointers on how you can shop and get more for your dollar.

Meat stores are absolutely awesome . I know you are accostumed to your your Publix, Whole Foods and Winn Dixie but what if I told you that you are spending a bit too much. What if I told you I can get more meat in my freezer with 32.14 than you can at Publix.

There is a store in Miami named Joe's Supermarket( 45th street and NW 22 avenue in Miami Fl) where you can have package deals and determining on the package you get more for your buck. I baught a whole ,chicken 6 pork chops, turkey wings, chicken wings, 5 pounds of ground beef, 6 legquarters, a loaf of bread(which they gave me for free), and a jug of juice and I spent only 32.14. Now can you beat that not likely.

Lets look on produce. How much do you spend for a banana approximately 59 cents a pound . You think you probably did a great job too right . Nope. On Bravo Supermarkets Tropical Supermarkets and sometimes Presidente Markets you can get up to 4 pounds for $1.00.

Just like everything in life you must learn how to shop and get the best for your money. You can buy name brand you can get the best quality of furniture or food it's just about how much are you willing to spend and will you go for a second opinion.

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