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Timeless Beauty: Designs by Tal Sheyn & Alexis Bellino

( Dress above made by Tal Sheyn)
Elegance at it's best is what I can truly say about these amazing designers. Not only can these creative individuals awe anyone with her clothing but they constantly reminds us how beautiful a woman should be in their designs.
Presently they have taken the industry by force like  The Real House Wives of Orange County and has even graced  designs in the Emmy's. I love their choices of color , material and themes.

Here is some more information about these Divas of  Glamour
(Tal Sheyn on the Right  and Alexis Bellino shown on the left  above )
Tal Sheyn’s journey into the world of couture began in Israel when she was a successful up-and coming make-up artist. After gaining experience in the Israeli fashion and make-up industry, Tal moved to Europe to study Fashion Design. While working for Fashion TV Paris and MTV London Tal began to seriously pursue her dreams of becoming a successful fashion designer. After completing her education and gaining valuable experience Tal moved to Los Angeles, California with the hopes of striking gold and achieving her dreams. In 2008, after making a name for her-self as a make-up artist for celebrities such as John Paul Gautier, and Caroline Herrera, Tal achieved her goal and opened her first fashion studio. Her dreams of designing gowns, cocktail dresses, and other garments that would make women feel vibrantly glamorous and overwhelmingly beautiful was becoming a reality. Since 2008 Tal’s career as a fashion designer has sky rocketed. Her couture is now found in high-end boutiques all over the country and in Europe and has been showcased in various fashion shows during Los Angeles Fashion Week. She has designed elegant evening gowns for celebrities attending the Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys such as Jaimie Hilfiger, Faith Evans, Angela Bassett, Regina Hall, Izabella Miko, Bai Ling, Natasha Alam, Micky Rourke, Emma Roberts, Leyla Millan, and more. Tal’s designs have been featured in magazines such as Signature, LA. Direct, Coast, AC, Cosmopolitan, Zink, and Runway Magazine and on television shows like Beverly Hills 90210. In 2010 Alexis Bellino from The Real Housewives of Orange Country from Bravo TV bought one of Tal’s tunics at a high-end boutique and immediately fell in love with Tal’s designs. After becoming a regular client, Alexis and Tal began collaborating with each other and decided take advantage of an exciting opportunity to launch a line together. After designing a very successful Collection, Tal and Alexis decided to collaborate yet again on another line. The motive behind the Alexis by Tal Sheyn Colletion is to design enchanting feminine garments that will make any woman look and feel sexy, beautiful, and alluring.

Alexis Bellino a Missouri native, my love for fashion started as far back as I can remember! There were many signs that I might end up in the world of couture—my mom wouldn’t let me wear makeup as young as I’d attempted to wear it, I owned my first pair of high heels at age 11, I started highlighting my hair at age 12, and I lived at the tanning beds (I KNOW, bad, bad, bad!) I definitely didn’t “fit in” in Missouri. I can even remember being asked time and time again if I lived in California. By the time my teenage years hit, I was recording every outfit I wore on a calendar each day to avoid “repeating” my ensembles throughout the month! Mixing and matching was the only way a middle-class girl on a waitressing budget could look like she bought new outfits every day. By the time I was 28, I was married. Within the next three years I had become a devoted mother of three! By the time my twin daughters were two-and-a-half, and my son was four, designing dresses had become a passion that was consuming me. Tal had been designing one-of-a-kind dresses for my role on Real Housewives of Orange County—within mere months Tal and I began work on Alexis by Tal Sheyn. I’ve been inspired by the fit and fabric of many designers, however, I find myself thinking and feeling there is never one designer that hits the mark on every level. I love Chanel’s elegance, Cavalli’s silks, Versace’s fit. My goal was to bring that designer and couture feel to all of America at affordable prices. We choose superior quality fabrics, and added unique femininity to each garment—perhaps one-shouldered, maybe a low back, or using a silky fabric that flows with the body. I am SO proud of our Alexis by Tal Sheyn line, and my dream is for Alexis brand dresses to be that one perfect “go-to” dress in every woman’s closet! I thank all of you for your support of my dream, and I will always pride myself in making every woman of any shape or size feel beautiful and sexy!

Here are their work below

Deisgns by Tal Sheyn :

Designs by Tal Sheyn: Alexis

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