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Swimwear to Die For: Lemar Swimwear by Laura Agudelo

I am such a fan of great swimwear. I love the colors , the cuts, and embellished designs. Lemar Swimwear welcomes that to their consumers. What I truly love about Lemar Swimwear each cut just wants you to buy more and more pieces.

Information about Lemar Swimwear
Lemar Introduces Designer, Luxury Swimwear by Laura Agudelo
Colombian fashion designer creates chic, elegant swimwear for extroverted

Miami, FL—Laura Agudelo, a Colombian fashion designer with an extensive
history of swimwear design, has produced an innovative new line of women’s
swimsuits for Lemar. The designer drew from the natural silhouette of the female
figure as inspiration for her trendy, sophisticated designs.

The idea behind Agudelo’s designs and her inspiration for Lemar swimwear were
conceived while she attended a prominent art institute. While in attendance,
Laura excelled in all of her design classes, but her passion for swimwear design
was clearly realized above all else. Her love and proficiency in swimwear design
motivated her to sell her own hand-made swimsuits, at first to family and friends,
but later on a larger scale as demand quickly grew.

“I was astounded at the demand for my designs in such a short amount of time,”
says Agudelo. “I was creating them based on my own ideas, which my family and
friends seemed to enjoy. I had no idea that my designs would be appreciated on
such a large scale.”

Thanks to the eclectic prints and bold styles of each variety of swimwear and the
high-quality materials used to accentuate them, Agudelo’s designs have peaked
the attention of women everywhere. Hand-made elements and vibrant colors
define her creations, along with subtle touches of originality that lend themselves
to the natural curvature of women. Agudelo favors ruches, lace, embroidery,
ribbons, laser cuts, stamping, ruffles and accessories to create appealing
swimwear designs.

“Much of women’s swimwear has lost its originality and creative appeal,” says
Agudelo. “My goal is to make designs that stand out among all others. Creating
the perfect blend of patterns, eye-catching elements and constructing the
swimwear itself is all vital in achieving an image that’s appealing and attention
drawing. I enjoy seeing my ideas come to life in a way that’s completely original.”

In 2010, Laura Agudelo and her husband founded Lemar, a company dedicated
to producing Laura’s designs.

Lemar swimwear is handcrafted by Colombian artisans and each design is an
original creation of Laura Agudelo. The company’s mission is to ensure that

its skills and passion in swimwear design are evident through each and every
garment it creates. Lemar seeks to make valuable contributions to its customers,
business partners and community through its responsible and ethical decisions,
quality products and focus on transparency.

My Favorite Looks

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