Friday, February 8, 2013

Mens Fashion: Monsieur London

Something about classic Menswear just facinates me. I must say this line of apparel just brings me back into a time capsule where men had pride and showed it in their clothing. What I truly adore about Monsieur London is their emphasis on quality made products. I love all their leather work , cufflinks, bow ties and their photography concepts.

More about Monsieur London

Friends for years, Thibault and Valentin travelled the world together before starting their company in London. Raised in French craftmen families, they value know-how and tradition as much as ecology, social entrepreneurship and whisky. Following their life passion for beautiful materials and products, they humbly intend to bring to other men all the accessories they have themselves spent years searching for in regular shops without ever finding them.
Over the next few years they intend to extend the Monsieur London collection whilst always retaining its soul. Hopefully, they will stay good friends, even if they seriously disagree on the point of b├ęchamel sauce (a disgrace to French cuisine in Valentin's eyes, but essential ingredient of lasagne for Thibault).

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