Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fashion .. Claim it! : Angel Amor Feature

 (Madrid  fashion week Feb 1,2013)
Hello readers . The Miami Style Blog presents to you one of the hottest accessory lines ever. Angel Amor .
What a delight to see such beautiful handcrafted pieces adorned with lace , love, lust and style. When I saw this designer inbox me about his creations I just fell in love. I personally would love to model one of these beautiful pieces to a red carpet event anyday.

More about Angel Amor
Angel Fernández founder  of the label Angel Amor. Independent business.

ANGEL AMOR which makes collections of Textile Jewelry, Millinery  and Bridal.
Store sales in Barcelona/Mexico and collaborations with designers.

Hand made accessories. Unique pieces have been hand-dyed and are made with silk, silver, leather and feathers. Designs and shapes for each piece have been made exclusively with no repetition. Each of the accessories within this brand is the work of craftsmen who do not allow their pieces to be produced on an industrial scale.

here are my favorite looks below

From Madrid Fashion week Feb 1,2013
Elisa Palomino´s  Fashion Show She presents her coleccions at Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week Mercedes Benz and London Fashion Week with Angel Amor head pieces shows the work of Laura Fernández, Angel Fernández and some other collaborator of this label.

my favorite piece was this one 
March Dior Pieces with
Angel Amor

Special thank you to this wonderful designer who blew me away with his art. Angel Amor Continúe luchar para sus sueños usted es un artista magnífico.( continue to fight for your dreams you are a magnificient artist)

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