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Everyone wants to have healthy , manageable, and beautiful hair. When you see a woman or a man with a nice full head of hair you are in a state of awe. The movement of the hair puts you in a trance . 
CAPELLI da GG Hair Spa & Salon caters to a wide range of hair care products to rave about. Not only do they cater to the importance of quality hair care products they also have skin care and make up tips as well. 
So what is the name if this mysterious product? LA BIOSTHETIQUE . 
What is Biosthetique ? Why should I trust this label?

Here is some information about La Biosthetique below
 the exclusive holistic concept for perfect beauty.

French Biochemist Marcel Contier discovered the physiological connections between hair & skin and developed a sensational and innovative beauty concept in Paris in the 1950's. Scientists today develop high quality products in state of the art laboratories based on the latest findings from cosmetics and medicine with out animal testing. Each product is created from carefully selected and conscientiously blended premium raw materials. The carefully balanced combinations of high performance products featured in the LA BIOSTHETIQUE scalp and hair care methods focus on matching product selection to your particular scalp and hair type.

A well functioning scalp is essential for healthy, shiny hair. It is therefore crucial that any care focuses on the condition of the scalp.

Do they cater to all scalp types of hair?
Yes. They range from Oily,dandruff, hair loss, thin/fine hair, dry scalp and sensitive.

Skin Care 
Beautiful, radiant skin... is vital! The international LA BIOSTHETIQUE brand of cosmetics helps you sustain a beautiful, healthy skin by combining natural energies with the latest in cosmetic and biotechnological research.

Skin related substances are absorbed quickly and easily, epidermal defence mechanisms are reinforced, and your skin recovers its equilibrium.The result? A versatile and highly hypoallergenic beauty care system formulated to suit your requirements, subject to continual testing according to precise dermatological criteria at a leading university clinic in Germany.

Several distinct methods make up the LA BIOSTHETIQUE skincare system. Each is based on a deep penetrating and therefore highly effective synergetic substance concept, formulated to suit your skin's special needs and structured in six treatment phases:

1. Skin-specific cleansing
2. Skin-specific toning
3. Aromatherapy
4. Lipid balance (oils)
5. Hydrobalance (moisture)
6. Beauty essentials

LA BIOSTHETIQUE beauty experts introduce you to exclusive products, formulated to suit your skin's individual requiremnts. Naturally they will also help you to select the ideal products for effective skincare at home. 

Make up 

With the Belavance ranges, LA BIOSTHETIQUE has complemented the total beauty concept with a make-up collection that perfectly blends high quality skin care with trend driven colours. The line includes a wide range of products, textures and shades. See our Trend Items to enjoy the latest make-up products in the Belavance range.

What is so awesome about this hair salon is that they give their customers mini make overs.


Our 'mini make over' is offered complentary to all of our clients that have a colour and cut on the same day. Enjoy the complete La Biosthetique range of make up from our 'make up depot' in the salon with all products displayed for interaction and available for purchase.

As time passes often we continue to use the same colours of make up all year regardless of skin tone and change in weather, environment and particularly change in our hair. We offer you a 'different view' to compliment the choice of hair colour and style.

It is so fantastic to know in this wonderful salon you can get the best in hair care, skin care, and have top quality make up. 
Here below is some more delicious details about this great establishment:

Owners Joe Giampa and Kylea Pearson owners of Capelli da GG
Joe Giampa is the principal artisan at CAPELLI da GG. Joe is the originator of FREE4M and also the master trainer of this unique system throughout the industry, here in Australia and overseas. Joe likes to travel taking his knowledge abroad, having spent time in Milan, the UK and the USA teaching Free4m. Joe owned and operated one of Melbourne's best known salons, Rok Hair for 21 years, he has owned a hair salon on Toorak Road since 1986 and moved to his current location in 2007 with the opening of CAPELLI da GG, which means Hair by GG (Giuseppe Giampa). Joe and his life partner Kylea have found a new invigoration and motivation to bring you the best in salon service.

Joe's hairdressing career started 30 years ago and has seen him grow into a world class hairdresser. Joe's 25 years of business ownership on Toorak Road, South Yarra has him recognised and respected highly by his clients and fellow hairdressers. Joe has many achievements and awards that place him as one the best hairdressers in Melbourne and Australia. 

Joe is a passionate and creatively inspired man with a unique style. He always aims high and will put his heart and soul into creating the very best possible look and feel to suit your individuality.

Joe Giampa is a Melbourne icon, he lives and breathes the industry he loves, educating others in the skills, creativities and philosophies that makes his industry tick. Joe Giampa is renowned for his teaching skills and for his dry hair cutting & styling. He's received many awards and owns and operates his own Salon in the Como Centre in South Yarra.A letter from a client...

'What is it we seek from our hairdresser? Trust, expertise, confidence, direction... and, just as important to the equation, friendship! I was lucky enough to find all this in Joe Giampa. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my hair... the results that I expect from a cut and colour could often be depicted as neurotic and impossible. I have a relationship with my hairdresser most people aspire to have. It's built on trust and a mutual understanding of what is desired'.

'Joe offers the same subtlety to his clients, his signature being feminine and sexy hair that is invariably tousled and easy to wear... his models love it, his clients adore it...' [Extract from Marie Claire]

'Joe Giampa is a legend who inspires me totally. I feel Joe is capable of profoundly inspiring people as he is an incredible individual in every respect. In my eyes Joe is a world class professional who truly makes me proud to know an Australian hairdresser of such calibre. I would also like to add that Joe is a beautiful, artistic craftsman that is a pleasure to see at work. I have no hesitation in highly recommending everyone to see, listen and take in whatever Joe has to offer. Do so and you will see that this man, when he is working, is pure poetry in motion'. Joe Viota [Sogo Hairdressing]

'Joe Giampa is considered a free thinking, individual, focused, committed, creative, persistent, soft and a freely explosive performer with an edge who is devoted to hair.'[Quote from Oz Style]

What took me away from this beautiful salon is their motto. It shows nothing but professionalism, dedication to their craft and the ability to live their childhood dreams into reality.


GG PHILOSOPHY ~ At CAPELLI da GG we aim to deliver efficient service at a comfortable pace, creating a pleasurable and exciting experience, resulting in an exceptional outcome, leaving you with a feeling of beauty and confidence that will attract compliments!
                                            Start living with healthy and beautiful hair today
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