Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jewelry with a Bang : Rox Laroux

Rox Laroux jewelry is a jewelry line to reckon with. Presentation  one word ; flawless. So what is so special about this line really ? What  makes them stand above the endless amounts of jewelry designers and boutiques? Presentation. 

So I had to get a little more information about this line because when i saw the photograph above I knew this is a gem in the making .
More about the designer:
Krista Flowers is an emerging jewelry designer who makes it her  duty to create one of a kind pieces for her line . It's fierce. It's fashion . It's Rox Loroux. 

The Miami Style MAGAZINE: Our readers look to us as a resource to the hottest trends out. What makes you stand out from the rest and how did you come up with the name Rox Laroux?
ROX LAROUX: Being that I am trying to create a movement with my one of a kind pieces Rox Laroux came to be as a statement to be bold and daring.

Details about Rox Laroux

Straight out of the Nation's Capital, Krista Flowers is an emerging jewelry designer that designs one-of-a-kind jewelry designs with natural stones, crystals, sterling silver and other precious findings/metals. No design will be duplicated.
ROX LAROUX is the name of the brand and Krista says, "The Rox Laroux girl is bold, fashionable and runway-ready"!
The official website will launch in mid 2011 at www.roxlaroux.com  So, stay tuned!
Follow Rox Laroux on Twitter @RoxLaroux and "like" Rox Laroux on Facebook  here: ROX LAROUX FACEBOOK PAGE

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