Saturday, April 9, 2011


Everyone who has used this popular website. You know "" . Well is it really the best place to find some type of advice in reference to your daily life? Well I was scrolling the pages today and I tend to bounce off and on the pages to the rants and raves section. You know the one section that usually have the most racist comments most would never bother to write but there is one super jerk who usually does and craves for the support or dislike from his neighbors.

Well tonight I found a shocking link . This link is well in my fairest opinion the reason why some people shouldn't even have a uterus to create such a well let me just say kindly ( because of readers) special person. 
In the rant or rave the poster declares that the individual should kill his or herself for being unemployed and not being financially stable to support children. Ok newsflash internet Donald Trump in fantasy land , how about you donate some money or sponsor those who you so disapprove of?
Instead you take your time glorifying this ideal behind a computer screen and try to assume you will get some whimisical approval online declaring that you are just and such a strong willed person. Ok Mr. Sensitivity man up. Are you serious that you would take the liberty and waste 5 minutes in your day to rant about something so ridiculous.

7 words for you: Internet Dweep Spokesmodel of the Year ( that award is for you alone)

Well take the time to see this lovely piece of work here below.

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