Monday, April 18, 2011

Fashion 4 Compassion: Fashion with a Cause

The name alone strikes you; Fashion 4 Compassion. You just can't help but wonder what a beautiful name. Here at the Miami Style Magazine we would like to take the time to introduce a very special project . This is one of the few projects that I truly support because of the source of their start in the industry.

So what is F4C? Is a beautiful company that receives donated designer shoes and handbags from fashion moguls like you and I and then auction the items online to give the proceeds to victims of human trafficking. When I first came across this project I shed so many tears of joy to know there is some people out there who is making a fashionable contribution to help someone in need. Did you know that 80 percent of the worlds population women and children are going through this everyday.
What I truly love about this site is that it comes from my home state. It brings a sense of pride to know Florida cares.
On this site you have a wide range of designers that are being auctioned  to the new favorites to the die hard must haves. Instead of wondering aimlessly in Aventura Mall or Pembroke Lakes Mall why wont you stop by this online store and try to get a few things. In this case at least you wont feel too guilty and you will be content to know your purchase has made a difference in someone's life. 
If you are the type who shops and forgets stuff in the back of your closet do the next best thing; clean it out. Donate to this beautiful cause to aide a struggling single mother or two orphaned brothers who barely can survive.

This site is a huge eye opener for me and I am so honored to be made aware of it. Do you want to make a difference? Make a stand right here on this web link 

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