Monday, October 25, 2010

Tips for the Consumer: Renter's it's time to wake up

Are you annoyed? Have you been feeling something isn't right ? Possibly had? Well maybe you might have been. This is a new article that is on The Miami Style MAGAZINE blog entitled Tips for the Consumer. Of course in our enconomy we have gone through really bad times and have been putting up with a lot because well it's in your budget. Not all of us can afford the multimillion dollar high rises and high ceilings but we should all be made aware what our standards are .

Let me review what I observed this past weekend. There are many people in our communities that are living in poor conditions in fairly good neighborhoods that on the outside it appears to be a great place to live, but it's not. As a matter of fact there are places that we see everyday and by the appearance one might just say ;" Gee , that looks like a comfortable spot."

So I decided to go to someone's house this past weekend and I saw the most devasting living conditions in my life. The house I walked in wasn't so bad but on the outside and neighboring apartments which looked like a rat hole, wasn't somewhere I would love to live. This unit had over 50 units and some that seem abandoned when the doors were opened it looked like a typical drug house with torn clothes, drug paraphalia and things that you would not see on Martha Stewart Home.

I started to look around the unit as a whole and I noticed basically the whole unit was abandoned. Grass not kept and a society of vagabond or traveling tennants who lived there but was over protective of where they stay. I guess you can say it was their hide away or get away that no one is supposed to know about.

As the day continued, I saw more and more things as they appear. I saw more abandoned apartments that appeared as hang out spots for drug addicts, broken in homes where a possible street traveler would rest his or her head for the night, graffiti and more.
These people are living day to day rent free , light free in an abandoned building that has been foreclosed and sold to a new owner. Newer people are moving in everyday that haven't even signed a lease.

After my findings which I wont disclose until a later date I decided to write this article for my readers so they can not place themselves in a bad situation.

With age there is responsibility.
It is your responsibility to find something within your means of budget as well as research your living quarters.
You have to know all your rights as well as the rights of the Landlord.
Also, pay your rent and know the guidelines of the rental process.

If my landlord is going under foreclosure what should I do?
1. Pay your rent according to the lease and KEEP ALL YOUR RECEIPTS.
Never throw receipts away. This is a record of your obligations. Just incase.
2. Never ever pay in cash!!! PAY BY MONEY ORDER.
Yes there is always a fee for it , but you need that proof of payment!
Cash is untanigible you have no back up proof you paid at all.
Remember when you are taking money out of your account it does not specify in cash who you are making the withdrawl to. Unless you have a cashier's check some banks can title the cashier's check into the name of the landlord or company which you can also keep the receipt of that cashier's check .

So my fellow readers , please take this time to read this blog.

if you have any feedback you can email me

                                                       Anaiyah Sunshine
                                                      The Director of Fashion
                                                      The Miami Style Magazine

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