Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Decor beyond the Norm:

I am a proud supporter of Home Decor! I love the way people style units, apartments , and more with creative ways with the play of color , assymetrical designs, and of course passion for Art.

Remember your home is your castle . The way you design your place you can change the mood, overall atmosphere, and even your health.

Did you know by the play of color can play on the way you see things? Warm colors play on the mind that will basically give the average person a happier feeling, darker colors may open inner feelings of depression and isolation.

Also another home decor tip when decorating your home one can try to design according to FENG SHUI. It is a Chinese Theory based on space and organization. More clutter may invite clutter in your life. If your house is poorly jammed with too many things in a small space, free it up and spread out your furniture. Do not have your house crammed like a confined space.

Base your home with things you enjoy looking at as well as enjoy your home.Like I stated earlier, your home is your castle.

So have fun you happy decorators... Enjoy life...

                                                              Anaiyah Sunshine
                                                              Director of Fashion
                                                             The Miami Style Magazine

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