Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The fortune 500 company Google is hitting the world with their innovative ways to help the every day working class. Not only is Google one of the Top popular search engines in the world, but they are now hitting the home on a personal level. Google Tv is the hottest thing out and Google has partnered with another popular brand Sony to make this concept come alive.
Its is the battle of the Tv. Apple Tv vs Google Tv. Two Popular household brands going for mainstream production. It's amazing to me to see how two brands that are so popular around the world is now neck and neck for television.

Google also have so many opporunities for the entrepenuer from blogs to help with your very own answer machine that can be sync to your cell phone with a new phone number. Yes I did say your very own phone number. If you have a business and you don't wish to give your personal number out you can establish an account on Google , get a new number which is sync to your cell phone and you can pick that call up as if it's your personal business line.

Google is hitting the world by storm . What other concepts will they come up with next. Only time will tell.

Toodles for Now,
Anaiyah Sunshine
Director of Fashion
The Miami Style Magazine

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