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It is so unfortunate for so many models in this industry has a story of being scammed out of money,quality work and overall presentation. Well you're in luck. There is a new social network in town that is helping models in the Miami , Ft, Lauderdale and West Palm beach regions. I say to you don't be discouraged if you don't live there because it's your story that needs to be told.

The purpose of is a refuge for underpaid, overworked, and unappreciated models that have been scammed in the industry to be able to voice their story as a disclaimer to up and coming talent.

I totally support this site because it's so sad to hear women , parents and men tell me their shortcomings when they email me or speak to me in regards to THE MIAMI STYLE MAGAZINE.

With that being said before the end of 2010 , I shall be in the works of opening my own modeling agency as well as aiding models with styling ops and more.

I thank you feed us for all you are doing to making this industry better.

things models should know

1. If a photographer needs a subject for his book, you are a free agent to work on his book. There is no way you should pay for his idea. Why ? You are the subject he or she is looking for. Now if by any chance you are looking to build a portfolio for a price that's a different story.

2. Make sure when you are doing a gig that is deemed as paid, please discuss all the necessaries for payment that way you are aware that you are getting paid. Do not do a paid job or it was said it was paid and then you are promised to be paid and either they owe you so much money and well you dont be paid.

3. Your portfolio brings you work. You can not expect anyone to start paying you as a model with no port. Your port is a visual resume and often you must fill it in with more and more experience. BE professional and if you have to work out some type of negotiations with a willing photographer do so.

4. Remember always have a range of photography. DO NOT stick to one look. You will be casted as that and no one will consider you for other projects.
5. And this is very important. GO WITH YOUR GUT FEELING. If you should feel that it's an iffy situation and you are not comfortable in any way do not go. There are hundreds of women who are in the news for homicides and other crimes . Research research research! This is your life and you are a self made trademark. If you feel you must be with someone then do that. If they cant understand that kindly and politely explain your reasons why and move on. This is for your own safety.
Do you have a story you wish to  vent ? Do you feel like you have been had?
please send your story to

                                                Toodles for now,
                                                 Anaiyah Sunshine
               (above shown is anaiyah sunshine ) Director of fashion- The Miami Style Magazine
                make up and hair was done by the director. wardrobe : Judith Barnes

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