Monday, October 15, 2012

Prismatic Fashion: Beo Beyond

Breathtaking fashion with a twist of chic is this amazing artist from Barcelona Spain. Beo Beyond welcomes it's fans into a world of fantasy by captivating their audience with mind blowing designs .
My favorite which is shown above was in 2003 and was created with florescent paint. This amazing artist not only makes florescent paintings but also black light costumes. 

Here are some of Beo Beyond's work below

Information about Beo Beyond 
Beo Beyond is a Barcelona based artist and costume designer, who is working with light-up materials. He creates fluorescent costumes for photography work and art performances. These fluorescent costumes glow under black light. They are handmade and unique one-offs, not produced in a series. As well he experiments with LED systems, electroluminescent materials and optical fiber. For more photos check out his homepage

So what are you waiting for add this amazing artist right now!!

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