Monday, October 15, 2012

Dear Anaiyah : Love and Relationships

I decided to post a relationship column entitled Dear Anaiyah( me shown above) where my readers can email the blog about relationship advice.

Lonely In Miami:
 Dear Anaiyah,
          I have been seeing this guy for about five months now and I care about him deeply . When we first started we talked about romance, love, going on dates and everything but now he isn't so focused on me. He told me a few days ago we should take it slow and that he is not ready for a real relationship and that maybe we should just hang out more. I won't lie I did kind of push the issue of us dating and he being my  boyfriend which he didn't really say yes but we practically do what couples do anyway. So I should just wait for him to come around right?

                Dear Lonely In Miami,
                       You are living in a fantasy world hunny. I'm sorry to be so blunt but it's true. Why must you endure this pain of pretending to have a boyfriend when in reality you do not have a boyfriend. You should take your time with yourself and not even waste another minute. It looks like he is just using you and not even caring about how you feel.
                             You deserve so much better.

                   Dear Anaiyah,
                         I am an established young woman with everything to my disposal . The only thing I feel I am lacking is someone to share it with or atleast understand me. I have been dating these two guys for about 4 months now and as the days go on it gets really hard for me to let one go. One guy is masculine and very passionate but when it comes to his ambitions he doesn't do much. He doesn't work , he stays home most of the time and basically doesn't have any goals in life. He isn't a bad person and he is very faithful but it scares me if I should get more serious with him what will he have to offer in the relationship. I feel I will be the only provider.
                             The other guy I am dating is ambitious, hard working and independant . The issue I have with him is that when it comes to romance he treats me more as a little sister or a friend. I don't think he even sees me in his world . He tells me everyday that he cares for me but it doesn't seem real. What should I do.
                   Dear CaviarDreamsinBrooklyn,
                          You naughty girl you. You really think you can have two seperate relationships without it crashing. Basically the two men symbolize one perfect mold of a guy you wish to find. One man who is passionate hardworking and romantic. I think it would be best that you kindly fade both of the relationships before anyone gets hurt and take your time. I think you are not ready for a relationship and possibly you really don't know what you want in a mate. When you do decide , then try the dating game again. A good investment in self is a great investment in life.

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