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So you are trying to promote your business and you dont know where to start. Or maybe you've tweeted till you cant no more and you feel llike you are getting no where. I have a miracle working site who have the patience and dedication to make your social network truly work for you.
Edgy Social

More Information :
Hi. We are and we have Celebrity Social Media Packages.
We show companies how they can have fans and followers. We have follow celebrities and politicians and use social media tips and tricks the stars use.
We have a community at and our blog at
The Miami Style: What inspired you to get into social networking
Edgy Social Media:
I kept trying to find my niche in social media. It seemed all the sites were blue and white. Very boring. I became tired of constantly reading mba level business material and trying to turn it into information that my customers would find interesting enough to read. Everyone kept saying it was "Greek" when I would speak the secret language of B2B or C2B or ROI.
Then I began seeing tricks celebrities were using in social media to gather more followers. I remember writing my first blog "Celebrity Social Media Tips and Tricks." All of a sudden people became interested. When I searched on the story items in was fresh, new and relevant information. No longer boring because it was lively with the times.
People were finally reading my blogs, facebook pages, commenting and sharing. They were coming up with their own finds. Our sales items are as a result.

                                 Need that extra push ? EDGY SOCIALMEDIA.COM
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