Sunday, May 15, 2011

A key to fabulous hair

                                                Cant find the place to get your extensions?  Need a reliable source to your hair needs?  Pure Origins Hair collection is the best quality of Human hair extensions.

More Information of Pure Origins
We believe that having attractive hair is an essential part of what makes a woman feel beautiful and confident. That is why Pure Origins Hair IncTM provides nothing but the highest quality collections of human hair extensions sourced from around the world. We take pride in providing the finest quality, long lasting products and educating con- sumers on healthy hair care practices.
There are many suppliers claiming to have 100% virgin remy hair when in actuality, it has either been processed to the point where it has a short life span, or, due to poor manufacturing it sheds and/or turns to a straw-like texture when the silicon wears off. Other poor-quality hair has been mixed with plastic and various other forms of non-remy.
Pure Origins is meeting the growing demand within the hair industry for products that are better for our bodies and the environment. In promot- ing a healthier and more natural way of life we provide our clients with hair extensions, hair care products and hair regimens that are free of harsh chemicals and allow for each individual to grow their own healthy hair if they so wish. In providing an educational outlet, and connecting professionals to clients within the industry we empower consumers to make educated decisions on how they choose to look beautiful.
We have researched for years the origins and suppliers that we receive hair from to insure it is of the highest quality. We supply individuals and salons across Canada with our own line of human hair including 100% Indian Remy, 100% Brazilian hair and 100% European hair.

Here are some before and after shots :

The Miami Style: What inspired you to get into the hair industry ?
Pure Origins :

(owner above Jen)
I am embarking on a journey by creating Pure Origins Hair. As a company, we plan to educate and dispel the myths regarding everything from the chemicals in hair straighteners to which kind of hair extension methods are more likely to cause baldness. Pure Origins Hair was created not only to fill the need in the market selling higher quality hair extensions with a label holding truth, but also to educate women on how to achieve and maintain a healthy head of their own hair.
I was tired of being lied to and taken advantage of by salons, retail stores and websites. I was tired of one hairstylist blaming the other for the damage they caused to my hair. I’ve had my hair turn orange, turn to straw, and fall out completely. I’ve had a bad hair cut, I’ve been overcharged, waited 30 minutes to an hour for my hair appointment to actually start, sat with chemicals for too long, and had just plane incompetent hairstylists.
The mission of Pure Origins is to treat our customers the way we wish we were always treated by people in the industry. With integrity, a strong knowledge base and the desire to make us all look our best!

Well Jen your company is amazing. I wish you pleanty of success.
Toodles for Now,
Anaiyah Sunshine
Director of Fashion
The Miami Style Magazine

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