Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bang for your Buckle: Regan Flegans Shop

 I love buckles don't you agree? I totally love belt buckles  when they stand out from the mainstream boring ones. Well if you are a huge fan of originality, then ReganFlegans is the place for you.Their buckles are so unique that it just screams buy me.

                                                     Here are some of my favorites below

The Miami Style: Do you make custom buckles for clients who want something different than whats presented in your online store?
Regan Flegan Shop: We can also do a custom belt buckle just for you, belt buckles are great as band merch, or just to give as a gift to a friends. We are able to do from 1 to 1000 belt buckles, so feel free to ask us about your very own custom belt buckle.
The Miami Style : Where do you make your buckles and belts ?
Regan Flegan Shop : All of our leather belts are also made right here in our little shop, the leather belts are made from full grain leather and can be made in virtually any size you need. We can also supply you with leather belts for your custom belt buckles. questions? just convo us.
                                                               Want a custom buckle ?
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                                                             Anaiyah Sunshine
                                                            Director of Fashion
                                                           The Miami Style Magazine


  1. These buckles are really good and i will definitely by from here. Can they deliver to home also?

    Belt buckle

  2. Well how many pieces of a particular product we have to buy to get the wholesale rates? And is there any guarantee for the genuineness of the product.
    Belt buckles


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