Thursday, February 24, 2011

Linsay Lohan - Celeb gone Wild ?

Sources have it Miss Lilo is just a mess. Unfortunately this mega actress is back again in jail house blues. Recently sources stated that this actress might have her last scene on the big screen and make her way to the big house.What did little Miss Ray of Sunshine do exactly?

Well while strutting her stuff into a jewelry boutique Lilo decided to not just window shop but walk out with it . Five days after this so called borrowing claims Lohan she is caught in the press wearing the stolen item.

Lets revisit Lilo's radical behavior
$11,000 -Lilo rocks a night club and rocks out with someone's mink coat
2009- Elle UK SHOOT
$400,000 worth of jewelry and accessories appeared missing- magazine did not press any charges

$35,000- Visitor stops by the actress home and apparently his rolex watch now tells time on someone else's wrist.
What's the estimated value of the new diggs she apparently borrowed ? $2,500

 Lilo is presently under probation under her DUI charges and this new accusation might lead the mega star to 3 years in prison.

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