Thursday, February 17, 2011

Apartment Worries : Do's and Dont's of finding your new home

Apartment hunting especially when it's your first move out is a special thing. You are so excited to move out of your new pad and break away from mom and dad and you practically find something to show you are an adult. Well we at The Miami Style have some tips for you new apartment seekers to find that ideal home of your dreams.

Rule #1
Pay attention to detail. I'm not just saying how the paint looks nice or it appears clean when there is no electricity in the unit. Overlook every piece of the space . Remember you do not want to move into an apartment from hell.
Rule #2
Have options. When looking for an apartment make sure you have a list of places you wish to live and a range of the lowest to the most you can afford. By doing so, you can overlook your decisions and feel great on your decision without feeling rushed.
Rule #3
Do not live outside of your means! This is a financial crash if you do so. It's not your friends you need to impress you need to impress your finances because if you do not you will not be able to save nor will you be able to really relax at home .
Rule #4
When paying rent make sure you pay with a money order and retrieve your receipts.You do not want to pay cash for cash will not show proof of payment. Many instances tennants and landlords face lawsuits every year for this. Money is not tangible and there is no proof of payment when exchanged . This way by money order you have a routing id number to the money order and a money order receipt just incase of a landlord tennant lawsuit you have documentation.
Rule #5
Know about the area you are moving to. Do not move to an area that you are not familiar with. This can cause many setbacks.
Rule #6
If things look suspicious in your new place where the owner is imposing and early payment, aggressiveness with the rent or so forth, you can google the name of the building to see if they are under foreclosure. If by any chance your building is going under foreclosure, seek immediate legal advice.

Who is facing Foreclosure in your area? Google it now.

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