Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hello wonderful readers. I know it's been a minute since The Miami Style Blog has graced the scene. 2011 is finally here and I know some people are planning this year to stay physically fit. How can one achieve their maximum potential?

1. Never set a goal that's impossible to reach.( Like forcing yourself to be on a treadmill for 2 hours everyday when you have not given your body enough time to adapt to the workout machine.)
a. Start the treadmill for 30 minutes every other day. break for 15 minutes and do light leg lifts and stretch exercises.

2. Know your body is not a robot. You can not assume that your body will adapt to an exercise routine that it is not accostumed to.

a. Space out your reps.( repitions of exercises or amount of the exercise activity) Do not try to establish a work out  with a routine or pattern that you can not committ.

3. Water water and more water! Understand that drinking enough water in a work out is essential . Do not attempt to start a workout without drinking or bringing water.
a. You can passout during the apogee ( high point  or peak ) of your exercise routine.

4. Exercise must go hand and hand with a well based diet. The foods you eat will assist you in your actiivity.

Well readers thats all for now.

                                              Toodles for now,
                                               Anaiyah Sunshine
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