Saturday, August 3, 2013

Shopping Galore: Pynk Luxe

I totally love brands that expand to every need when it comes to women's accessories! Pynk Luxe is a definite fashion haven for those who love to accessorize. They have accessories for every look and occasion.

More about Pynk Luxe

PYNK LUXE is a shopping destination that transports women into a world of luxury and surprises.

Created to deliver brightness to every corner of life, PYNK LUXE offers an entirely new retail experience: jewelry, accessories, handbags and home decor products of outstanding quality and astonishing value in a setting that excites and inspires.

PYNK LUXE offers a diverse assortment of beautiful, versatile and spirited products that pair timeless design elements with fresh twists, such as unexpected colors and patterned linings. We edit our collection to offer solely must-haves — key items to enhance a room, refresh a wardrobe or inspire a memorable experience.

My favorites below

This Cleopatra Queen of the Nile Collar Necklace named Turq Triad  is to die for
This beautiful Jaguar themed bangle screams for attention
Love dainty earrings too? Can't Fail with these pair of beautiful earrings.
Me being such a fanatic of rings and plus I am born on the month of February this beautiful Amethyst Bronze ring is gorgeous

Don't take my word for it Go and shop now!! 

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