Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Indian Bridal Makeup by Anaiyah Sunshine - Kiss of Sultana Concept

I love Indian Bridal makeup since my mother's side of the family have roots from India this was a great tribute to my family's background. What I love about Indian Bridal makeup is the theme of being so exotic. The eyes are the keys to the soul and in this style of makeup it's just captivating.

I chose i really close friend of mine to be my Indian bride and since she is natively from India I knew she would make a wonderful muse. The photographer I used was Peter Alcazar. You can find his work here at

Tips of Indian makeup :
1.  Learn your color wheel see what colors that would really compliment each other. Highlight areas and be very steady with your blending of the brush. Also know about contrasts if the eyes are the main focus then tone the lip color and vice.versa.
2. Be daring ! If you feel a aqua blue shadow would compliment canary yellow then go for it. Its all a fantasy it never hurts to try.

Eventually I shared it on Iman Cosmetics on twitter and I love using their makeup eventually Iman Cosmetics returned my online post with an amazing response .

Kiss of Sultana:

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