Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Work of Art : Designs by Jovanna

The Miami Style is so thrilled to feature this talented designer. Her intricate designs are by far are amazing ! I love the composition of the jewelry, I adore every concept !

More about Jovanna

positive feed back made her think to create her my own brand.
DESIGNS BY JOVANA is  the brand of Jovana Morrison, a multi facet business which includes Jewelry & Accessories, Pet Accessories and Professional Face Painting. Her aesthetic in general is more than mainstream design. Conceived from an artistic point of view for the customer that is looking for pieces that stand out from the usual, someone adventurous who enjoy color and elements of surprice . Every piece is one of a kind 100% hand crafted; uniqueness in the design as well as the use and manipulation of materials such glass, leather, wood among others that have been up-cycled in many cases, mixing the old and new, creating a timeless, modern and edgy style. She is in the early stages of success. Her drive factor is to express herself artistically and the terapiutic byproduct that she received when creating. For years once she came to USA, she started to practice and get better at designing and creating clothing. Also her passion for fashion lead her to start collecting a broad variety of materials from bargain shops to garage sales thinking that one day she was going to use them somehow. Her friend kindly introduced her to some media sources and online boutiques so she started to write them. Then she got a reply from this exclusive Eco online store interested in her necklace prototypes. She was accepted and created for them a 10 set collection of earings, necklaces and cuffs. That project really opened her eyes to the things that she did't know she was capable of and started figuring out what her point of view and style was. The positive feed back made make  think to create my own brand. She thinks what makes her better at what she does is continually feeding her eyes with new things that happen in the fashion world. Nature always provides inspiration. Many times the limitations of tools or supplies concerning a design force me to adapt producing unespected results. Finding freedom within  limitations. that is what she likes. She started with only necklaces on black satin and hand ground glass components. Later when the high end Eco online boutique accepted her it pushed her to get out of her confort zone which lead her to upgrade the designs and materials such us leather instead of satin, hand painted designs and stain glass. After that she was ready for more variety with fewer limits. More materials and designs inspired bracelets, necklaces in mix media. It is really exiting to create textures, and interesting compositions. She have also spent some time making accessories like belts, leather ear warmers and various hats designs.

Here are my favorite looks below

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