Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Star Spangeled FASHION

I wanted to do a makeup look that is different than most online when it comes to celebrating The Fourth of July. The Patriot (photo above) I wanted to show the passion of the American Soldier who sees no fear in fighting for their country. The tears which are the stars are tears of a new beginning.

This photo entitled Lady Liberty is my interpretation of the New Age after the Emancipation Proclamation. The statue of Liberty was a gift from the French in celebration of the recent emancipated Negro slaves . She was a statue of a woman of color being freed from slavery however, history states that the first statue had to be returned to France. They were scared since this was just a recent event to avoid riots they asked the French government to change Lady Liberty as a white woman in chains just to avoid conflict.

What products and cosmetics did I use :Lady Liberty
First I used a light primer from wet and wild cosmetics so the makeup could last a bit longer through the shoot. Then I used concealer underneath the eyes as well as primed my eyelids so my eyeshadow color can stick out. Then I applied concealer on my lips so the pink lipstick from Dior to scream for attention. Once i primed and concealed my face it was time to work . 
1.Black Radiance foundation( totally love them)
Evenly distributed and then I applied Kiss powder to smooth out the face 
2. Then Applied a cute rosy cheek powder from Bobby Brown and contoured my cheeks.( don't go past the nose if you do buff it out with your face powder)

eyes: Since I primed out my eyelids it was so easy to apply a white eyeshadow. Apply the shadow in a circular motion to cover any negative space( missed spots)
In the creases apply a strong reddish bronze and under the lower eyelash use a strong blue. Inside the lid use a cream based eyeliner preferably smashbox and glide the liner with your eyeliner brush. 

Killer brows:  Conceal your brow. Make your eyebrows disappear!
My secret for brows is find the brow bone and and draw on the top of the eyebrow and draw under the eyebrow. Use your eyeliner brush to guide inside the brow which you will have a slight color on the brow. Use your concealer above the top line of the brow you drew and underneath the bottom . The concealer will help you with stray hairs and keep your brows neat the more concealer you apply on the illustration of your brow the smaller it will appear.As a finisher in this case to make it appear blue use the same eyeshadow you used on the lower lid for your eye makeup on your eye brows and lightly guide the color. Now use your face powder with kabuki or nice firm powder brush for your forehead and use a foundation brush to buff out the bottom concealed part of your brow. Blend it carefully and take your time.
Finished off the look with a makeup setter spray  from ELF cosmetics.

That is my secret tips for today!
Toodles for now
Anaiyah Sunshine 
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The photographer for this shoot was  Peter Alcazar
you can see his work here
Makeup Artist / Hairstylist / Director of this shoot and Model: Anaiyah Sunshine
my makeup work is here

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