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Social Media Scare: Mocospace

The very popular mobile site Mocospace is under alot of pressure.. What is so devastating about the new findings is that the rapes involve young women of the age of 15. If you are a concerned parent, sister, friend, or just someone who has any concern it's time to react by informing our youth of this matter.


On social networking you should not disclose all your personal information. Just because the person assumes to be kind online you are in real risk of harm and danger.

Do not send personal photographs to an unknown person. That is extremely dangerous and your photos can be shown in many forums , links, websites , and other things can and will happen.

It is not ideal to meet up with an unknown person alone in a private location.

More on this case
t first, it appeared that authorities had bagged the criminal once they locked up Terrell Lewis (pictured), who was charged with criminal sexual conduct and armed robbery. But surprisingly, another women was a assaulted after meeting a man at a local bar days later. One Detroit resident says women shouldn’t meet with unknown men in remote places:
“Individuals are meeting people on a social networking site, they should meet someplace that’s more of a public forum, maybe the mall, maybe a restaurant, something like that [where there are] going to be a lot of people. To meet at a house and you just met over the internet to me is a … lot dangerous, obviously, for these young ladies,” said Keith Lenton.
While this sexual assault through Moco Space may seem like a local issue, a 20-year-old man was busted for having consensual sex with a 15-year-old through the website in San Diego back in 2010. 10 News reports:
Sheriff’s detectives said Jose Adrian Cano met the 15-year-old girl online through the website, Mocospace, which is also a popular phone application. During a press conference Wednesday, detectives said the two corresponded for about a month. Det. Pete Carrillo said Cano allegedly picked the girl up from school, had sex with her and dropped her off last Friday.
ano was reportedly arrested while he was on his way to meet yet another girl he met on the website.
Detroit authorities are asking anyone who has been assaulted to to call the Detroit Police Sex Crimes unit at  (313) 596-1950 ; or Crime Stoppers of Michigan at  (800) SPEAK-UP  (773-2587). Anonymous tips can also be given online at www.1800speakup.org; or via text at 74637.

Another big case in Mocospace
JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. - Police are warning parents and children about a new social networking site, called Mocospace, where police say sexual predators are lurking.
Detective Mike Harris with the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office describes it as a place where gang-members chat and adults look for sex.
“In Mocospace, those people aren’t gathering friends there. It’s a scary place,” said Harris.
It’s not a site designed for children, but children are logging on and predators are finding them.
“They are violent opportunists. A lot of them have gang affiliations, the 'thug-mentality' as I call it. And they’re very graphic. They’re always talking about rape scenarios and things like that,” he said.
Within seconds of logging onto Mocospace, 7NEWS found chat rooms full of offensive language, talk about drugs and people soliciting sexual acts.
Harris has been tracking sexual predators on Mocospace, posing as an underage girl or boy.
"I still sit there going, ‘Really? You're asking a kid to do this?’” Harris said.
7NEWS was there as Harris, with help from Gilpin County Sheriff’s Sgt. Troy Hendricks, arrested 28-year-old Jason Fluet, who Harris met on the site.
The arrest affidavit shows Fluet posted this message on Mocospace: “Any girls want to make some money hit me up.”
According to the report, Harris, posing as girl under the age of 15 responded: “How much $$$ and how.”
Fluet responded: “200 strip show sex and head,” according to the report.
Then, the report showed the conversation moved to text messaging, where Fluet allegedly asked Harris for naked pictures.
Fluet was arrested on suspicion of internet sexual exploitation of a child and criminal attempt soliciting for child prostitution.
"Any time someone asks to meet with a child under the age of 15 for sex they’ve committed a crime. Asking anyone under the age of 18 for pictures is a crime in the state of Colorado. Talking to a child about doing sexual acts is also a crime,” Harris said.
Fluet is Harris’ 55th arrest this year, the third arrest off Mocospace. In fact, in the last eight years, Harris has helped put more than 500 other child sexual predators behind bars.
Harris told 7NEWS he often learns about new sites, like Mocospace, directly from children, as he speaks to groups of students at local schools. He said it’s an uphill battle trying to keep up with the technology.
“Our number one goal was to try to be the child, take the place of an actual child before they got hurt. Now, we’re reacting far too often,” said Harris. “The best advice is to be involved with your kids, interact with your kids, know what’s on the phone, know what’s on their computer.”
For more information to help you protect your family check out cheezo.org, set up by the Jefferson County DA’s office to educate children and parents about the most current internet threats.

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