Thursday, March 7, 2013

Timeless Beauty Makeup: Makeup artist Anaiyah Sunshine

(Model Sairy Salazar shown above)
Instead of picking the hottest makeup looks on the net I wanted to showcase my own work on the blog today. This was a recent shoot I did last weekend with fashion photographer Peter Alcazar. I wanted to achieve a clean yet humbling look for this model. My first goal was to prime and conceal areas for smooth foundation application. Once I established that after foundation and powder application her eyebrows was my next step.

Here's some tips :
If your client / model has dark brows use your concealer .
* Establish your brow line once you see the pattern of the brow line then you will take your eye brow pencil and draw the top and bottom of the brow. Next, you will use your brow brush to fill in the color and apply the color pencil if needed.
* The next step is to use your concealer above the top portion of the eye brow and under the low portion of the brow . The concealer will help you erase any stray hairs and you can form the brow perfectly . Let your concealer be your makeup white out or eraser. It cleans up any mistake or line or blemish.

Highlight the focal points of your models face. If you want her face to slim down think as if you were chiseling a statue. The way you apply your blush is the way the shadows will appear on the face. If you wish for the shadows to slim the face thats how you wish to apply blush. The same goes for the nose as well. If you wish for the subject to have a slimmer longer nose you will apply shadow like a brown or nuetral tone on the side ridges of the nose which will create a shadow and once the shadow is applied it should slim the nose.


My favorite part on the face. If you wish to give your subject a really nice look just like I have explained in contouring it's the same for the lips. Think of shadows and  three dimensional design. Shadows when applied correctly can improve the makeup. What I did for Sairy was that I used a brown lip pencil for her lips in order to get a fuller appearance then applied a neutral lip color and lastly applied a lip plumper gloss. The peppermint in the gloss actually makes the lip plump a bit more than usual.

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Timeless Beauty: Makeup By Anaiyah Sunshine

Fashion Photographer: Peter Alcazar
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