Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fashion at its Best: Rainbow Shops

Stores like Rainbow Shops are the best place to find the hottest looks for an affordable price. What I truly adore about Rainbow is that it is a perfect place to find anything for a photo shoot as well. Their lingerie sets which can be compared to Victoria Secret is very close  and you can get that classic look if you are an upcoming model starting out for Eye Candy modeling.
                            If you are doing Urban Fashion modeling or just a Wardrobe Stylist like myself who does quite a lot in the industry you can rely on Rainbow for their awesome  clothes, accessories and of course cute shoes.
Another idea when shopping in Rainbow Shops are the perfume collections. What a delight you can find perfume and even cologne for your loved one 3 for $10.00.

Here are some of the hottest looks for the season below

 The Editors Picks
Very close to the dress worn by Kim Kardashian Rainbow shops provide their version of the Art Deco Dress for only 16.99!

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