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Have you ever experienced a date where things just go terribly wrong? Even though most of us wont admit it we have at least have come encounter with this. You know the date that you will always remember. Here are a few dates some of my readers submitted to me below.

Lonely in Miami 27, Female

So I was about 22 years old and I was off and on with my boyfriend at the time. One day during one of our usual fights I decided to call it quits and began to search for the new Prince Charming. (So I thought.) I ran into an old friend who was a successful banker, smart funny and intelligent. He drove a nice car , had a great job and what I thought was wonderful guy. We went out on a dinner date to a drive in theatre and everything was working out just fine. He invited me to his home to watch a movie. This is where things were starting to go downhill.

First , when we came to his house we had to tip toe like if we were spies. After we got inside this so called room he called an apartment it was super small and it felt like a janitor closet. Ok I gave him the benefit of the doubt and stayed to watch a movie . As the movie was about midway, I started to hear a weird sound . He was sniffing my arm all the way to my ear like as if he was a Hoover vacuum cleaner. I was so petrified and completely grossed out I ran out of there as as quickly as possible , jumped in my car and sped off. The irony of the whole thing is that he had the absolute nerve to tell me that I still wanted him after that. Okay loser that would only apply if I had called you afterwards.

What a douche Bag.

Crazy for Life 22 Miami Fl

So like I was 17 and there was this older guy in High School that I thought was the hottest thing alive. Eventually through a mutual friend of ours we eventually hooked up. Everything was great I thought we were going to hit it off. One day he invited me to a date in South Beach where he lived at his house. So I went like an idiot thinking I could skip school and have this wonderful afternoon. Yea Right. So I was in his room hanging out and listening to music when he stepped out. I decided to replay the last song where I came in contact with a folder that had my name on it. He had every song that he felt was about me .At first I thought it was cute until I saw another folder. There were photographs of me. Photographs that I have never seen in places at school that I swore no one would have taken.He had photos of me walking , talking and interacting in school. I totally freaked out. So I quickly snuck out the back door changed my number and made sure he never contacted me again.

Sad Romantic 21, Female NYC

I had the chance after high school to speak to the hottest guy in my senior year class. He was the school jock, valedictorian, and just a great person; so I thought. He came by my house and we began

to talk in the front yard. We began to hit it off after high school 

and everything was fine until he started rambling about how much of a sex God he is. Ok first off 

loser did I advertise that I was a nymphomaniac ? After twenty minutes in the conversation he began

to describe what and where so I politely told him to step back from my door ; yes I did slam it right in

front of his face.

Even though I did that to him I was running and hiding from him for six months. I think he got the picture 

by now.

What a loser.

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Anaiyah Sunshine

Director of Fashion

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